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Design director · Wayfinder 

I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark.  I have lived in Toronto, Kyoto, New York City, Oslo, London and traveled extensively. Exploring new settings is a key ingredient in a fulfilled life for me. I like to stay nimble and I easily move country when the work is interesting. 


Issun is Japanese, it's from ancient folklore and is a little wandering artist/samurai, delivering messages between the sky and the earth. 


I'm Eline, I own Issun Studio.

As a design director, design thinking specialist and experience strategist, I help navigate systems thinking, future strategies, storytelling and interactive technologies, their use and value for the user experience. I have 17+ years of deep experience in interaction design, communication design, service and systems design, visual arts, filmmaking, project management and entrepreneurship.


Regenerative development

I offer a strong focus on creating regenerative solutions. What are the environmental challenges and how might we turn consumer needs and problems in society into sustainable commercial opportunities? What processes can we implement for companies to think systemically with the surrounding society?  How might we design mutually beneficial coexistence with nature and the wild? How might we generate and implement learning from research to educate people on ethical ways of moving forward? What are the stories we should tell and share? What are the ways in which new technologies can sustain future-friendly solutions?

I see it as my capability and my duty to drive future strategies and facilitate design from a holistic perspective. 



M.A. Interaction Design & Visual Communication

CIID - Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
Osaka Seikei University of Art & Design
The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design

B.A. Digital Interaction

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - The School of Design

B.A. Cultural Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

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