Foyer for the adidas Group


Creative director for developing new vision, design and media concept new Foyer at the global global headquarters, Germany. 

The adidas Group consists of adidas, Taylormade and Reebok. A complete foyer rebuild and design catering to all three brands was needed. A stadium theme tied all three brands together. 


  • Concept, story and theme
  • Direction for spatial design & layout
  • Movie and messaging; concepts & direction
  • Communication & visitor experience
  • Floor graphics, interior, furniture and finish

As the dominating feature of the room, we created a 87m2 screen. This wall of LCD screens emanates the core emotion of the three brands through a series of aspirational movies. It also communicates messages, event information and gives the visitors and adidas employees coming through daily inspirational content. Directional speakers above the bleachers create a pocket of a more focused experience of the content. For example; the Taylormade golf movie fills the entire screen as the two golf players play their way from one side of the screen to the other side of the room, a quiet sound of wind and birds chirping, placing you right there with the golf players on the course.

The bleachers section of the foyer is the experiential side of the foyer. It's the area for contemplation and getting a feel for the brands. It also has room for the large groups often visiting.

The reception area, pick-up and waiting area caters to a wide range of visitors, from executives and international sports stars to bus loads of visiting schools. The interior was kept within a backstage stadium concept. 

building PROCESS

With a LCD wall of 124 55" screens with an aspect ratio of 29:3, I had to be very creative coming up with content and creating the right concepts whilst dealing with an extremely tight timeframe. With a fairly narrow viewing distance within the finished foyer, the resolution needed to be very high. This created a huge challenge for shooting content to fill the screen in all it's entirety. 

2014 & 2015