creative director
adidas group headquarters, Herzogenaurach, Germany

Creating the concepts, directing and implementing a range of brand content and messaging concepts for the big media wall in the adidas foyer. 

As the dominating feature of the new foyer for the adidas Group; adidas, Reebok and Taylormade, we created a 87m2 screen. This wall of LDC screens emanates the core feeling of the three brands through a series of aspirational movies and content. It also communicates messages, event information and gives the visitors and adidas employees coming through daily inspirational content. Directional speakers above the bleachers create a pocket of a more focused experience of the content. For example; the Taylormade golf movie fills the entire screen as the two golf players play their way from one side of the screen to the other side of the room, a quiet sound of wind and birds chirping, placing you right there with the golf players on the course.


SHOOTING FOR THE LCD WALL - techinical details

We had a great team of technical specialists to secure the needed production quality. With a narrow viewing distance, a challenging aspect ratio and a very high resolution to work around, we tested a number of possible best ways to produce the concepts. Our solution to was to stitch footage from six 4K cameras.

We set up a rig with 3 cameras, shot one "side" and then moved either rig or performers to get the second part. This presented a fair bit of of head-scratching in regards to continuity during shoots. We mainly shot for movies utilising the full screen at once, i.e. with performers running from one side of the screen to the other side, effectively running from one end of the room to the other. This meant we had to think and plan carefully to line the 6 feeds up with precision, enabling us to edit a full screen movie and essentially create a seamless movie experience in front of the finished wall. We got there in the end with really good results.