Anette Røpke is a leading animal behavioural expert in Denmark. She is a published author, has several radio programmes on national radio and trains animals for film and TV. She also does private consulting, helping people sort out behavioural issues with their pets and animals. 

Over the course of 4 months, we did more than 300 training videos and many hours of behavioural footage of her animals for Anette to use as a sell as packaged streaming services on her website. 

Anette also needed portraits of her animals as well as documentation of her work, asking for authenticity and showing the true life of her animals. To capture their personalities, I spend a lot of time with the animals, learning about each species and how to best interact with them to get really close. Being an animal lover, this was great learning. 

Anette training her deaf maine coon kitten, Phoenix.

A compilation of the series of instructional and educational videos about shaping and getting to know your kitten and your adult cat. 


Technical bits

For this project, I worked as a "one-man band", bringing in 4K camera equipment, microports, shotgun microphone and LED video lights. I operated the camera, sound, and lights. When shooting outdoors, which most of this was, I used a reflector to light the subjects. I also did all editing and distribution.

I started out as a Final Cut Pro user years back, and now use Premiere Pro because of the tight integration with After Effects and other relevant Adobe software.

Anyone who has ever worked on a set with animals knows how lively they can get. More than once I had one cat attacking the tripod while another was jumping up to attack the reflector screen. You may find it's not that easy getting your foam microphone cover back in one piece after an encounter with a stubborn horse. Or this Great Dane always insisting on getting into this position... 

shooting w animals.jpg

Animal photography


Anette also asked me to create portraits of her animals, wanting photographs of her cats, horses, dogs and Guinea pigs. My job was to catch the animals acting natural in moments where they showed personality in their known setting. 


Cat - gallery

horse - gallery

2015 & 2016