Redesign of website

ux DESIGN, graphic and web design, photography
THE hans christian andersen centre, university of southern denmark


The Hans Christian Andersen Centre is the global leading research institute on the literary work and the life of Hans Christian Andersen.

They attract a monthly traffic of about 100.000 hits as they hold the world largest database for all the texts and art works of the author and artist with more than 1500 entries of digitized original material, research papers and publications. 

I was asked to re-design their current website and part of this was designing a modern user experience of their database. The visual language aligns with the official website of the HCA Foundation. The centre preferred the dark universe I created for the official site and as the centre is closely connected to the Foundation, I was asked to create a similar tone for them to strengthen this connection. To maintain cohesion, I continued the origami principles, the deep, dark, desaturated colours and added a visual tone aligned with the colours of the physical centre. All backgrounds were created with a mix of photography from the centre itself, situated in an old monastery.