The official Danish website for Hans Christian Andersen


Issun Studio was asked to create the official Danish website for Hans Christian Andersen. The purpose of the site is to gather all governmental bodies, official stakeholders & foundations and research centres dealing with Hans Christian Andersen. The site offers access to validated knowledge about the author as well potential partners. 

As the official website connecting people to academic research and official stakeholders, we made a website that reflects the real Hans Christian Andersen. 

Many people think of children’s stories and innocent fairytales when they think of H.C.A. In fact the famous author was far more sinister than most realise. Many of his stories are dark and deal with existential problems.

I proposed a dark universe to be more true to most of the writing of H.C.A. as well as catering to a more serious target group. The site refers to the feeling of a universe, hinting to a realm with endless things to explore.  

The origami theme throughout the site, is a tribute to the passion Hans Christian Andersen had for paper cuts mixed with his fascination with the Orient. In present day, his popularity is enormous in both China and Japan today, both places they have a great fondness for paper art. 


The main site

Page for longer texts

The page for the official partners and stakeholders.


The clean lines and modern design plays well into Danish design tradition and was proposed as a product line, standing out from the more typical tourist merchandise.