DSB Service Design Workshop

Design Thinking and service design facilitator

Teaching the methods of design thinking, user co-creation and rapid prototyping to the heads of Innovation and Business Development of DSB, the Danish State Railways. 

Focus for the workshop was based in a challenge DSB was facing: How might we create better services and in-train experiences for children travelling on the trains? 

In Denmark public transportation is reliable and safe, the infrastructure is well established. A lot of kids are traveling unaccompanied on trains, often moving between parents in different areas of the country. What services can DSB offer to make the experience feel secure for child and parent, what in-train experiences can DSB offer to make the journey more enjoyable? 



The Innovation and Business folks of DSB was taught user research, user journey mapping, scenario storyboarding and co-creation in workshops with paper and experience prototypes. We had kids visiting the studio for co-creation sessions testing the developed concepts and ideas. We also demonstrated basic electronic hacking/smoke and mirror techniques, touchpoint mock ups / basic GUI's for devices, how to make and work with system diagrams and flowcharts. 

For internal communication of the possible new initiatives, we taught the departments video prototyping of the user scenarios - high and low fidelity. We also showed them how to communicate survey results in an appealing way showed them simple animation tricks and how effectful picture stories can be in internal presentations.  We taught them service blueprinting, identifying and mapping front and backstage steps in the proposed initiatives. 

OUTCOME Implemented methods of design thinking, co-creation and rapid prototyping into the organisation by designing a new set of service concepts for children and families travelling on the trains.