EBST Workshop

Design Thinking Facilitator
EBST - Danish Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs for CIID


Facilitation of Design Thinking for the Danish health care sector. Taking industry leaders within products and services for the health and welfare sector through the process of design thinking and human centred design.

PARTICIPANTS Velux, ISS, Nokia, Coloplast, SP Group A/S, Zealand Care, TrygVesta.

Taught the design thinking methods and processes through theory and praxis; introduced the participants to a variation of user contexts after which we created new concepts build on insights and opportunity areas from the field research. 

After user research, we taught the participants how to synthesise and create new concepts based on their insights from visiting with the users. A series of new concepts were taken through the iterative process. 


Through rapid prototyping, scenario creation and roleplay, the concepts were tested. Example: Below a scenario from an awareness kit for schools and workplaces where people get to simulate the experience of stiff joints. Through our field research, the participants learned how people with arthritis, especially the young people, are stigmatised and often in awkward situations in public where they can't open a bottle, have trouble sitting down and similar situations. It makes people with a condition like arthritis feel isolated and "untouchable" as the public choose not to engage with them in those situations.  An awareness kit linked to services for healthcare products was blueprinted following iterations.  

EBST prototyping.jpg

The main eye-opener for the participants was the efficiency of the method. They realised they arrived at valuable new business opportunities and were very surprised at how much it meant to meet and interact with actual end-users.