Website design

WEB DESIGN, photography

Trashypeople is a company dedicated to get people to sort their trash. They examine why and how people deal with trash and recyclables and offer new design solutions to better the sorting.  

I made their website. This website ensured financing of the project. I kept the graphics and site navigation simple, using a parallax effect.

I proposed to use the aesthetics of "trash in transformation" as the basis of the visual language. I grew bacteria from food items, left fruits out to rot and dried out various sorts of foods over a period of time and photographed the process. These photographs form the base and the subliminal message for the visitor to the website that the trash we produce, has a life after it's left our hands and kitchens. It is a celebration to this life cycle and tells us that trash is a ressource waiting to be exploited.

Link: Trashypeople  

Screenshots from the site: