Regenerative Design


The demand for a responsible agenda against the climate emergency is on the rise. The young generations are on the streets demanding we take action now. They know their future is in danger. The existing, old systems are slow to react, many are in climate collapse denial. 

What can design do?

Be incredibly inventive around new solutions

Discover unique potential

Really listen to communities and help heal how they navigate

Help bridge the old systems with new regenerative practises

Take the lead on creating regenerative market places


By co-developing the unique potential of a place instead of just solving existing problems

By leveraging creativity within communities and stakeholders

By applying critical thinking in process and capacity building

By communicating and storytelling very, very well


Regenerative Design Development

Working with regenerative practises for the past three years on a large bioregional scale has taught me about what methods might exist for something we could call Regenerative Design Development. I have devoted my work and focus to do what I can to help regenerate natural ressources, biodiversity and consequently how we as the human race can take a step into a new era of regenerative coexistence with nature. 

What are the innovation methods that best enables this to happen? 

Regenerative Development is centred around the idea that the earth can be healed and regenerated through human development. Maybe we can explore what a new, defined method for strategic innovation with a strong onset in creating economic, viable futures for badly affected communities should look like.  

What might a framework based on regenerative practises look like? 

I think the answer lies somewhere within combining design and systems thinking, with entrepreneurship and landscape management under the umbrella of circular economy, and knowing how to incorporate smart business focusing that will add positive and long term value for entire eco-systems.


Maybe a defined new practise will provide a methodology to help scale efforts globally to successfully create desperately needed systemic, holistic, value added solutions. 

In my design practise over the past 25 years, I’ve seen a wide array of opportunities grow out of the discovery processes through the design thinking and social entrepreneurship lens. Integrating the findings and solutions with the regenerative methods, will help us build true resilient futures.


Ane Eline Sørensen
Issun Studio

August 2019

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