Lōkahi on Piliwale, Maui, Hawaii

Laulima is a Hawaiian word that means "many hands working together in cooporation and harmony." It is a fitting word to describe a recent initiative on Maui where the local community come together to help small farmers to work on specific projects that will help expand their farms. There is a strong movement on Maui to build a more sustainable future for an island that used to be self sustained but currently imports up to 90% of all produce.

We were there to volunteer in the field as well as document the efforts. As design and systems strategists we opened a series of conversations with stakeholders on Maui working towards a regenerative island landscape economy.

A`ohe hana nui ke alu`ia – No work is too big when shared by all. Laulima embodies the essence of what it means to live aloha.

Mahalo for the open arms and manifesting such a loving relationship to nature. 


March 2017