Disciplined Dreaming
> Moral Imagination

When I speak of narratives, this is what is on my mind: 

Narratives are connection points of exchange. 
They are offerings of getting from one place to another,
Opening up to new worlds, new ideas, new futures
Bringing to light what is and pointing to new ways

They are a chance to grow, learn, heal, emote, and envision.

Design, storytelling, and art are ways to manifest such narratives. 
Framing and designing beautiful interactions and shared experiences are narratives too.

I see it as the outcome of creativity applied to challenges

I believe there is no such thing as “best practices” 
There is only appropriate practices. 
Each place, each context, each challenge setting is unique. 

I look for new ways deeply founded in the unique potential of the people and place, beyond problem solving and into narratives challenging current paradigms. 

Creative Leadership for narratives is my offer

Let’s talk and see how we might be able to collaborate.