As part of a joint venture between Issun Studio, Copenhagen and Generative Ventures, Hawaii, we are offering consulting and design for organisations, corporations and institutions looking to turn challenges into opportunities.

We design for people first and we design for entire ecosystems in mind.

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Ane Eline Sørensen

Eline is a designer, design thinking specialist, creative director, social entrepreneur, creative leader, filmmaker and deep dive strategist.  

Eline helps companies de-construct complexities, strengthen thinking, solve problems and navigate future strategies, guiding the value of interactive technologies, services and products for the user experience. 

Aram Armstrong

Aram is a designer, design thinking specialist, tech sherpa and an educator, pushing the boundaries of executive training, innovation and learning

Aram helps companies navigate external opportunities and internal transformations: designing challenges, assessing new technologies, improving work processes, developing innovation capability


We are the Wayfinders. 

We are a nimble and creative duo who believe work is a form of service. 

We focus on co-existence and co-habitation projects. Through systemic design solutions, we bridge communities and ecologically sound practises with viable business opportunities. As interaction designers, we believe in creating relationships, building stronger communities, and designing for a healthier planet. 


We offer

Design of interactive services, products and experiences. 

Design research and uncovering opportunities. We offer the full design research process from gathering user insights in the field to designing the needed solution. We know through deep experience how the disciplines of design and systems thinking turns challenges into opportunity areas, our process will uncover what those opportunities are and our methods will get you to implemented solution. 

Teaching design, systems and critical thinking. We teach educations, schools as well as internally on all enterprise levels.

Design sprints. We facilitate fast paced workshops and sprints to speed up innovation and center the thinking around a systemicly sound solution. 

Video & media production of consumer contexts and insights. We turn consumer insights and contexts into short, compelling storytelling through video, audio and photography to inform internal as well as external decision makers on moving new initiatives forward. We also do video prototypes of service and user journeys. 

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We look for the gaps in society


We look for the gaps in society, we identify needs and we design based on current problems

We like working in healthcare, with social and environmental organisations, education, regenerative food production and food distribution, sustainable urban development, media entities and companies and corporations that strengthen a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

We work inhouse (we love to come work inhouse on longer projects and actually getting things done) as well as externally. 

Contact us, we would love to chat.