Creative Leadership

I offer creative leadership for the development of a broad spectrum of design and media products and services. Approach and applied methodology depends on the given problem and the wanted outcome. I work with entrepreneurship as well as design. In combining these two fields, I’ve seen how it makes a big difference for the solutions and the impact they have. 

I bring 20 years of experience as a creative leader navigating a broad field of disciplines and methods. 


For those who don’t know about the KaosPilots, it is a hybrid business and design school. Fast Company has named it in its Startup Leagues Big 10, "preparing you for the fast moving startup economy"



When being approached with a problem, I initially keep a very open mind on what to pull out of the bag to get the ball rolling toward the appropriate solution. I'm always true to the problem at hand, knowing there are many ways to attack it. I consistently practise deep listening and active questioning, a process that provides the right understanding of the scope and intent of the project. The entrepreneur side of me always balances the ideas and strategies with social impact, markets, and economic viability.

Education provides a strong base for the methods we practise. Here is an overview of the institutions I’ve graduated from and now merge methods out of: 

Eline methodologies 2x2 overview 030418.jpg

I put a strong emphasis on understanding the depth and complexity of the root causes of any challenge. I do this to help ensure we are designing for the right problem. Processing the insights is a creative process as well, I use my training, empathy, analytic mind, intuition, and combined experience to help teams and stakeholders to arrive at the right design challenge and follow through to create the right solutions. 

Once we truly know our problem, we meet our opportunity. The one that might stick and create actual change. Then we start designing. I push for creating new visions, I am a futurist and often enough I see things coming from far away. I design and oversee new solutions and make sure they get implemented right. 


A couple of examples

CASE 1: adidas Group:  As a creative director at adidas I had a very craft reliant process. I directed the design for their new foyer for the global headquarters in Germany and worked on the new global retail flagship store concepts, particularly on how to incorporate virtual tech to the brick and mortar customer experience. There was little use of design research and lean UX methods, this was a brand experience task, my “user base” was essentially the VP of brands and apart from using my visual design skills drawing, designing and directing design, look, experience and feel, it also required me pulling in expertise from 8 years in the film and TV industry as we installed and I created a series of brand movies for adidas, Reebok and Taylormade for a 134m2 videowall in the foyer. 

CASE 2: TrashyPeople: As an experienced design thinking specialist TrashyPeople and the Municipality of Copenhagen asked me to help them design a new way for people in Copenhagen to sort their trash with the purpose of reaching 100% recycling.  My job was to conduct user research and consequently design, build, prototype, test and iterate new alternative solutions based on the insights. The range of new solutions were prototyped based on the daily lives, habits and needs of the varied group of respondents living in apartment buildings in Copenhagen. During a test period where the respondents tested and helped co-create the prototypes, we arrived at never before realised alternatives and low-cost design solutions for the Municipality. 



Regenerative Design Development

This past year of being part of a start-up dealing with regenerative development on a large bioregional scale has made me think deeply about what methods might exist for something we could call Regenerative Design Development. I have devoted my work and focus to do what I can to help regenerate natural ressources, biodiversity and consequently how we as the human race can take a step into a new era of regenerative coexistence with nature. What are the innovation methods that best enables this to happen? 

Regenerative Development is centred around the idea that the earth can be healed and regenerated through human development. Maybe we can explore what a new, defined method for strategic innovation with a strong onset in creating economic, viable futures for badly affected communities might look like.  

What would a framework based on regenerative practises look like? I think the answer lies somewhere within combining design thinking, systems thinking, entrepreneurship and donut economy, circular economy, smart business focusing on adding positive value for entire eco-systems.

Maybe a defined new practise will provide a methodology to help scale efforts globally to successfully create desperately needed systemic, holistic, value added solutions.