Explorations and projects in mixed media, collages, photography, illustration, video, and design. Passion projects that drive new ideas and development in Issun Studio. Projects for various clients with a specific visual focus. 

I see play as my engine room, where I learn and discover new ways of expression, and new gateways to original thinking. The more inspired a piece - as well as a strategy - feels, the more playful the making of it often was. 


Moon Fog






Print mounted on 9mm birch plywood
50 x 50cm /20"x20"


round mounted.jpg


humpback whales-2110689.jpg



Collages from whale watching of off the coast of Maui, 2017. 




Lōkahi on Piliwale, Maui, Hawaii

Laulima is a Hawaiian word that means "many hands working together in cooporation and harmony." It is a fitting word to describe a recent initiative on Maui where the local community come together to help small farmers to work on specific projects that will help expand their farms. There is a strong movement on Maui to build a more sustainable future for an island that used to be self sustained but currently imports up to 90% of all produce.

We were there to volunteer in the field as well as document the efforts. As design and systems strategists we opened a series of conversations with stakeholders on Maui working towards a regenerative island landscape economy.

A`ohe hana nui ke alu`ia – No work is too big when shared by all. Laulima embodies the essence of what it means to live aloha.

Mahalo for the open arms and manifesting such a loving relationship to nature. 


March 2017

humpback whales-2110709.jpg

Humpback whales

Whale watching off the coast of Maui, 2017. 


Farm Laulima, Maui


L7 copy.jpg

Maui Farm Laulima Keokea

The first Laulima on Maui. I participated as a volunteer during a recent sabbatical in Hawaii. Through working with local farmers, getting involved with the farmers union and the core Laulima initiative group I researched and learned invaluable lessons about implementing regenerative farming and permaculture through strengthening local communities and farming economy. 


February 2017

AR cat narnia aneelinesorensen.jpg



Portraits of cats and kittens for a client who owns an animal model agency. 

Photographing animals in general is challenging. Especially if a very specific outcome is wanted. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of time. To get a natural looking photograph of a pet, the animal needs to relax into your presence which calls for knowledge about how they interact with their surroundings. I've been in training over the course of a year to learn animal communication and behaviour,  something that now allows me to approach and share the same space with an animal in a deeply respectful and interacting way thus bringing me closer to document their true behaviour. 

Photographic Series 2014





level 14 horses--18.jpg

A selection of horse photographs shot over the course of a year for a client in Denmark



horseheads aneelinesorensen-.jpg

Horse heads

Horses fascinate me. On one hand you have the intense beauty and almost mythological nature, on the other hand you have their strength and alertness.

There is a high level of communication going on, they are immensely expressive.

I've studied and worked with horses for longer periods in my life, they are still mysteries to me. 

 In this series I've focused on a range of  expressions. 

Available as prints from 30cm x 30cm up to 70cm x 70cm. The shop will be up soon, if you are interested, email me in the meantime. 

beach air-2.jpg


Photographic series
Available as print 50x50 (20" x 20")


BA19- copy.jpg



Anatomy Of A Beach



The meeting between water and sand is a relationship of constant change. 

One of the things I love about beaches is to observe the quiet drama going on at the edge of the water. The interplay between the water and sand makes the beach change shape constantly. You can walk past a certain formation created by the waves and current and 30 minutes later you can pass the same spot and the interaction between sand and waves have created something entirely new.

I made a photographic series exploring some of those results. To me, it becomes the anatomy of a beach. I have put particular emphasis on the constrast between to opposing results. 

Available as print, from 30x30cm up to 70x70cm. prices start at US$200 excl. shipping and framing. Will ship to anywhere. 

Contact me for prices and size, just email if you are interested.




squared posterw4.jpg


This is the result of an hour spent on the steps of a church in Venice on a relaxed Sunday afternoon. I noticed how the columns met the steps in an oddly calming way. The proportions, the colours, the relationship between the opposing materials of marble and stone, the curves and the lines, the age and newer restorations was in a word satisfying. 

I guess it's revealing my love for and fascination with geometry and patterns. As a child, watching German Sesame Street, I was only ever truly captivated when they showed these Oscar Fishinger or John Whitney type short animations where a square would meet a circle would meet a line and they would move around the screen only accompanied by singular notes of music. 

As someone who is puzzled by and interested in figuring out what things are made off, I instinctively know geometry and math is behind everything and therefore I seek this world. Maybe.


This series begs to become a poster. I drew the platonic solids and added them under the mosaic, replacing words about geometry/patterns/symmetry. Next step is testing it as a poster print and framing it. It´s 50x70cm, should hold up well. 



sunken venice --1.jpg


A dystopian peek into the possible future of a city facing a real Atlantis threat. The waters around Venice is rising like everywhere else and several local devastating initiatives, like catering for cruise ships and digging out the laguna causing underwater erosion preventing the water to escape, is speeding up the process. 

I wish to give a feeling of a city that is facing water as it’s destiny. A city that is reflecting itself in what might become it’s demise. Of everyday life going on in the meantime. The buildings and the city is talking to us.

I’ve taken pictures of the reflections of the buildings in the water when there was a little - but not too much - motion on the surface. There is no added filtering in postprocess, what you see here is what the camera saw. I turned the buildings back up the “right” way as to reflect the feeling one has looking up while slowly moving in a boat on the canals, only now one has to look up through the water.

Available as print from 30x30cm (15,75" x 15,75") up to 90x90cm (34,4" x 34,4")

Prices from US$210 excl. shipping and framing. Email me for details. 


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These underwater structures in a pond in Copenhagen made me think of the "Pillars of Creation" For someone interested in the systems and patterns that make up everything, this is just another little find in that journey of wondering about the universal building blocks. 

link to NASA and their amazing high-res images.

Photography 2016



high rise life--17.jpg



I used to live on the 23rd floor in downtown Toronto. I was observing the city during the seasons. The scorching heat in summer, the freezing cold in winter. The fogs rolling in from Lake Ontario. The thunderstorms with lightnings zapping out all lights in the buildings.

I noticed how my way of looking changed. My sense of perspective changed, almost like living surrounded by mountains.. Being surrounded by tall buildings made me look up and down more than along or towards lines. It made me wonder what it might mean for us when we can't relate directly to the horizon. When we have to bend our necks backwards to see only a part of the sky.  Does it do anything to us the see the horizon, vs not seeing it? Is is possible for us to internalise the horizon? Or do we replace it with something else? I remember living in a valley in Switzerland and there I wondered if the general lack of outlook that I experienced had something to do with looking into mountain walls everyday. I picked up on a seemingly collective illusion of living in a sheltered space where the outside world had no relevance. Do we become sheltered? And only reactive to things in our immediate proximity. Or does it, in fact, make us reach farther as we now only imagine the borders beyond us and where we can go next, how we can expand?

Coming from a flat country with a lot of sky and a somewhat general sense of outlook, I felt the contrast. 



Moz book web aneelinesorensen--2.jpg


I visited Mozambique during December 2004 and January 2005

The book is available to buy. If you are interested, email me.

At the time, Mozambique was facing serious challenges after recovering from 30 years of civil war and major natural disasters. 

I created a photographic travel book that documents that periode in Mozambique. 



The cyclone Eline had recently destroyed a lot of living areas in Maputo. I visited refugee camps for the affected areas and talked to locals as well as flood victims about their situation.  Having the same name as the natural disaster causing their misfortune meant I was warned not to tell locals my name as old beliefs could make the meeting potentially unsafe for me.

A longer explorative trip up the coast to the northern parts of the country, revealed a countryside with landmine ridden backcountry, poverty and also incredible beaches, no tourists at all and lots of people going about their day.   

As someone with a wildlife and sustainability perspective it was very sad to discover the devastating consequences of war and poverty. All the big animals were gone, killed during the war and subsequently eaten by the starving people. As a result, a lot of vegetation, habitats and food chains were disrupted to a point of hardly no return. Recent efforts (after the clearing of all land mines) are attempting to re-introduce elephants, big game and top predators as well as re-foresting in an attempt to bring back some balance. 

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zoo manifesto by ane eline sorensen.jpg

Rethinking the zoo experience

Author and futurist designer.

The Zoo Manifesto is a manifest and a call for action. 

The Zoo Manifesto is a list of arguments against the urban zoo. It raises important ethical questions about how we blindly accept to captivate animals for the sake of entertainment and business. 

I argue that the zoo maintains a self image of humans being the dominator over beast and therefore over nature. This is something that needs to change, we are exhausting ressources and killing biodiversity, eradicating the wild, messing deeply with survival for not only flora and fauna, essentially we are cutting off the branch we are all sitting on. 

I believe it's high time humans attain a much more humble approach to their co-existence with the natural order.  


The press picked this project up on multiple occasions. It was initially part of my thesis project, it has since taken on a life on it's own. I did a full hour on national Danish radio in a program called "Natursyn" (eng: Views on Nature) the flagship radio program for anything nature in Denmark. A debate followed. I recently participated in another radio program "Et Dyreliv" (eng: An Animal Life) specifically focusing on the ethics of the urban zoo. 

The Zoo Manifesto - pdf

The Manifesto, all pages: 

2009 - 2016



Berlin streets--33.jpg


Explorations in Berlin, looking for messages and stories we tell each other at street level.

Berlin streets--2.jpg
Berlin streets--64.jpg
Berlin streets--71.jpg
Berlin streets--72.jpg
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Berlin streets--73.jpg
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Berlin streets--74.jpg
Berlin streets--77.jpg
Berlin streets--79.jpg
Berlin streets--80.jpg
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Berlin streets--82.jpg
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