Providing strategic & creative direction of design

The short list. For a full portfolio of 20 years of projects, we should talk about particular interests. 


Design Director,  Head of Research and Communication
Bioregional Regenerative Scaling


At Prospero (previously 1000 Landscapes), we've been collaborating over the past 2 years with a network of entrepreneurs, investors/financiers, technologists, and designers on developing bioregional investment projects for ecological and economical regeneration using an integrated landscape-based approach, developing a portfolio of projects in Honduras in partnership with Solidaridad 

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Using design and systems thinking we identify the levers in a bioregion and through a new set of collaboration tools with NGOs, local stakeholders, and private finance, we develop needed solutions.   

A thriving landscape is a geographical region where communities and the environment mutually benefit from regenerative projects. A successful landscape ensures a healthy, natural environment that helps provide for the people who live there.




Teaching Design Research
Master Student Class

Workshops and exercises teaching the master students about the discipline of Design and Systems Thinking with a strong focus on Design Research. 

Part of the teaching material

What the students learned;

  • Methods for exploration relevant to design and design research

  • Introduction to sustainability as a complex including both local and global perspectives, and ecological, societal, economic, political, cultural, ethical and aesthetic dimensions, linking to academic conventions and formats

  • Critical methods and academic conventions and formats, with the purpose of teaching how to develop an argument and a thesis in writing

  • How design is a change agent and how design can contribute to sustainable futures, as well as how design practice relates to broader ecological, cultural, societal and political contexts




Design and support on creative direction
CoHERE 4/ The New Europe

The New Europe is an interactive journey through a custom pop-up pavilion, where participants collaborate to create a new fingerprint, an alternative statement about their group's collective identity and perspective on European values.


Event Producer & Creative Director


Producing, directing and running a conference covering topics at the forefront of interaction design and innovation. Impact Minds speakers are leading experts in their fields at the cutting edge of technology, design processes, and business.

Panelists include practitioners from Arduino, BBC, CIID, Google, Microsoft, MIT, Phillips, The New York Times, as well as ambitious founders of new businesses.

300 people from over 40 countries attended Impact Minds. Representing public and private organisations from established businesses to newly founded startups.

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Event Producer & Creative Director

As a celebration of the first ten years of CIID, we hosted a momentous gathering for all the brilliant minds that have shaped the community into the vibrant global network it is today. 4 days of events in Copenhagen; open house, lightning talks, tech demonstrations and workshops, networking, and celebratory dinners.

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Service and Product Design, design thinking specialist
Waste Management


Design research and design development for new recycling systems, services and overall waste management experience for private households in Copenhagen. 

In Copenhagen, it is required by law to sort your trash and recycle. This requires a lot of daily sorting in peoples homes. How do people deal with this task in small apartments? What systems, services and products might be needed to achieve the goal of 100% recycling.

Production and instalment of 3 variations of waste management prototypes, 10 households tested the functionality of the new solutions for 3 weeks. Waste sorting went significantly up in all cases as trash was now sorted with ease. 

An 80 page report with 9 recommendations was delivered to the Copenhagen Municipality. (Danish only) 

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Creative Director
Global Brand
2014 -15

Creative director for developing new vision, design and media content for the new Foyer at the global adidas Group Headquarters, Germany. Designed and developed; 

  • Concept, story and theme

  • Direction for spatial design & layout

  • Movie and messaging; concepts & direction

  • Communication & visitor experience

  • Floor graphics, interior, furniture and finish

As the dominating feature of the room, we created a 87m2 screen. This wall of LCD screens emanates core brand messages for adidas, Reebok, and Taylormade through aspirational movies, messages, and event information.. Directional speakers above the bleachers create pockets of focused experiences of the content. For example; the Taylormade golf movie fills the entire screen as the two golf players play their way from one side of the screen to the other side of the room, a quiet sound of wind and birds chirping, placing you right there with the golf players on the course.

With a LCD wall of 124 55" screens with an aspect ratio of 29:3, I had to be very creative coming up with content and creating the right concepts whilst dealing with an extremely tight timeframe. With a narrow viewing distance within the finished foyer, the resolution needed to be very high. This created a challenge for shooting content to fill the screen in all it's entirety. we tested a number of possible best ways to produce the concepts, Our solution to was to stitch footage from six 4K cameras.


Filmmaker & Photographer
Instructional Videos

Anette Røpke is a leading animal behavioural expert in Denmark. She is a published author, has several radio programmes on national radio and trains animals for film and TV. She also does private consulting, helping people sort out behavioural issues with their pets and animals. 

Over the course of 4 months, we did more than 300 training videos and many hours of behavioural footage of her animals for Anette to use as a sell as packaged streaming services on her website. I did all filming, audio, lighting, editing, and distribution packaging. 


Creative Director
UX and Visual Design


The Hans Christian Andersen Centre is the global leading research institute on the literary work and the life of Hans Christian Andersen. They attract a monthly traffic of about 100.000 hits as they hold the world largest database for all the texts and art works of the author and artist with more than 1500 entries of digitized original material, research papers and publications. I re-designed their current website providing a modern user experience of their database. 

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Creative Director
The official Danish website for Hans Christian Andersen


Hans Christian Andersen is a national treasure for Denmark, and loved worldwide for his literary work. Issun Studio created the official Danish website for Hans Christian Andersen. 

The purpose of the site is to gather all governmental bodies, official stakeholders, foundations, and investors working on projects and academic research connected to Hans Christian Andersen. The site offers access to validated knowledge about the author as well as a mapped network to potential partners. 

The direction is a dark universe to honour the real side of H.C.A. as this would speak to a serious target group, away from the usual ‘Disneyfication’. Many people think of children’s stories and innocent fairytales when they think of his work. In fact the famous author was far more sinister than most realise. Many of his stories are dark and deal with existential problems.

hca origami 18-13.jpg

The site refers to the feeling of a universe, hinting to a realm with endless things to explore.  The origami theme throughout the site, is a tribute to the passion Hans Christian Andersen had for paper cuts mixed with his fascination with the Orient. In present day, his popularity is enormous in both China and Japan.


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Creative Director
Funding Website

Trashypeople is a company dedicated to get people to sort their trash. They examine why and how people deal with trash and recyclables and offer new design solutions to better the sorting.  I made their website. This website ensured financing of the project. 

The aesthetics is based on "trash in transformation"  I grew bacteria from food items, left fruits out to rot and dried out various sorts of foods over a period of time and photographed the process. These photographs form the base and the subliminal message for the visitor to the website that the trash we produce, has a life after it's left our hands and kitchens. It is a celebration to this life cycle and tells us that trash is a ressource waiting to be exploited.

Link: Trashypeople  

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Exhibition Design Consultant
“The Association Series”


Exhibition strategy and concept document, in tight collaboration with the Ethnographic Collections and delivered internally at the museum for implementation. 

Development of permanent exhibition concepts for the new MOMU, merging the two academic disciplines of archeology and ethnography by introducing design research methods as brigde builder. Facilitation of cross-disciplinary collaboration, created new strategies for visitor experiences, designed the look, feel and service of the exhibition concepts.

momu before and after.jpg

Director of Interaction Design
Norsk Tipping Experience Centre


Digital strategy and overall exhibition concept for a new 17mil NOK visitors centre for the state-controlled gaming operator Norsk Tipping. A range of 6 exhibitions takes the visitor through a journey of the activities of Norsk Tipping. 

Responsible for concept content, interaction design & strategy. Created key concept for content for the statement piece “The Dream Column” receiving great press.


Director of Interaction Design
The Curiosity Engine


The Curiosity Engine is an AR based ­concept connecting the physical art pieces in the exhibition space to a online based database of contextual knowledge about the artist and the work. The Curiosity Engine treats the artwork like a Google search engine where related content is woven into a tapestry of media assets. The associative material aggregated by the Curiosity Engine is accessed through 5 lens categories.

The lens model is designed to create a relational system for uncovering associative rich media content spawned by the artwork. In this way the system feeds a dialogue and inspires curiosity as the visitor decodes the layers of interpretative meaning gained by viewing the artwork from multiple perspectives.

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Director of Interaction Design

"Isfronten – Cold War Experience" tells the history of the Cold War. Design and strategies for exhibitions that inspire visitors through both physical and interactive virtual experiences.

I worked with the Royal Norwegian Air Force Base in Bodø, one of the international key strategic military bases for not only Norway but also NATO during the cold war. The base is surrounded by mountains,  a new Cold War museum inside the mountains in connection to the Air Force Base is in development. 

isfronten main.jpg

Director of Interaction Design
The Knowledge Centre


Development of a series of digital strategies and concepts of UX & UI ­products and services for a new knowledge center for St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway. The knowledge center now provides a large scale interactive information screen about ongoing activities in the hospital as well as streaming possibilities for lectures in the auditorium of the university departments. 

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Senior Interaction Designer


New strategy and narrative layer for all existing exhibits in UNIVERSITARIUM, the exploratorium run by the engineer and natural science departments of Aalborg University.

The new exhibition narrative provides visitors with an interactive and creative opportunity to explore science through the lens of social impact and social relevancy.

Each exhibit features multiple lenses - differing content-rich narratives and viewpoints - on the social impact and relevancy of scientific topics.

Visitors are able to examine each issue from the perspective of technology, history, society, economics, and environment. These “constellations” of contrasting information will show where and how they merge in the real world. 

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Workshop Facilitation & Systems Design
Project Big Belt


Facilitation of systems and design thinking for Ontario food producers, distributors and buyers.

Toronto is surrounded by a provincial greenbelt, one million acres of farmland and environmentally sensitive area. Now a world-class model for preservation, Ontario’s Greenbelt is the largest of its kind, spanning almost 2 million acres of protected forest, farmlands, and wetlands, and continues to grow. The greenbelt foundation is working to help keep farmers successful, strengthen local economies, and protect and grow natural features.

PARTICIPANTS   Food producers; everyone from small fruit orchards to big grain crop farmers, distributors, abattoirs, retailers, hospital buyers, university buyers, and restaurants.

We created a series of new distribution systems and services. It was the first time all these stakeholders and smallholders met. A great side-outcome of our process was the initiation of much needed new conversations, connections and relationships.

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Design Thinking Facilitator
Executive Training for CIID


Facilitation of Design Thinking for the Danish health care sector. Taking industry leaders of products and services for the health and welfare sector in the field, teaching them the process of design thinking and human centred design.

The participants unanimously expressed surprise with the efficiency of the method. They arrived at valuable new business opportunities within the course, their eyes were opened to the value of meeting and interacting with actual end-users. 

PARTICIPANTS Velux, ISS, Nokia, Coloplast, SP Group A/S, Zealand Care, TrygVesta.

EBST user research2.jpg

Research Coach
Executive Training


Teaching executives human-centric innovation methodology as part of the 180° Academy Master in Business Innovation & Concept Creation.

180° Academy educates Concept Makers who have the ability to develop, design and execute radical business concepts. Traditionally innovation has been technology driven. 180° Academy believes in people-driven innovation. 

Participants: LEGO, NOKIA, B&O, Peugeot Denmark, Odense University Hospital, 


DSB (Danish National Railways)
Design Thinking Specialist
Executive Training


Teaching the methods of design thinking, user co-creation and rapid prototyping to the heads of Innovation and Business Development of DSB, the Danish State Railways. Implemented methods of design thinking, co-creation and rapid prototyping into the organisation by designing a new set of service concepts for children and families travelling on the trains.

In Denmark public transportation is reliable and safe, the infrastructure is well established. A lot of kids are traveling unaccompanied on trains, often moving between parents in different areas of the country. What services can DSB offer to make the service experience feel even more secure for child and parent, what in-train experiences can DSB offer to make the journey more enjoyable? 

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