Product & Service Designer

A radio that can go back in time. Instead of having a frequency scale, this radio has a time scale. Turn the knob back to the year you would like to revisit, and the radio will start playing content from that period

With the increasing number of elderly, there is also an increasing need for well designed products and services with those needs in mind. With a focus on elderly with dementia, we asked the question "how might we support the quality of life for elderly with dementia in nursing homes?"

We learned through qualitative design research, that triggering memories is essential in dealing with dementia. We also learned that joy is an active part in raising life quality for everybody in the nursing home. 

The solution is an entertainment device and memory aid that helps elderly people with dementia to reconnect to memories as well as each other. It has the look and feel of a radio from the 50s. A radio with complex content but with a simple interface; it utilises the tactile interface of the recognisable radio. Instead of having a frequency scale, this radio has a time scale, creating an opportunity to browse in time and find content in relation to time and context.

Working prototype of The TIme Radio

“ I want to buy this in an instant! It will be amazing for our tenants, we can really use this in our daily work with the elderly. The radio would be a fantastic tool for socialising, re-living memories and sharing them amongst the elderly. They would also really enjoy turning the knobs. It needs to be put into production, when will you put it into production? We would like to pay a lot of money to have that” 

Mariann Mossin, Lead Nurse Practitioner, Aftensol Nursing Home, Copenhagen, Denmark. 



Project at CIID, Pilot Year. Collaborator: Tobias Toft.