Rethinking the zoo experience

Author and futurist designer.

The Zoo Manifesto is a manifest and a call for action. 

The Zoo Manifesto is a list of arguments against the urban zoo. It raises important ethical questions about how we blindly accept to captivate animals for the sake of entertainment and business. 

I argue that the zoo maintains a self image of humans being the dominator over beast and therefore over nature. This is something that needs to change, we are exhausting ressources and killing biodiversity, eradicating the wild, messing deeply with survival for not only flora and fauna, essentially we are cutting off the branch we are all sitting on. 

I believe it's high time humans attain a much more humble approach to their co-existence with the natural order.  


The press picked this project up on multiple occasions. It was initially part of my thesis project, it has since taken on a life on it's own. I did a full hour on national Danish radio in a program called "Natursyn" (eng: Views on Nature) the flagship radio program for anything nature in Denmark. A debate followed. I recently participated in another radio program "Et Dyreliv" (eng: An Animal Life) specifically focusing on the ethics of the urban zoo. 

The Zoo Manifesto - pdf

The Manifesto, all pages: 

2009 - 2016